I need these moments.
Spine-tingling, life-affirming
Warm, sunny moments.


Luke Warm

My throat aches from silently screaming.
I can’t find a tear.
I know somewhere they’re streaming.
I keep throwing rocks, but the water won’t ripple.
Which way is up?
How can I know, if gravity’s fickle?
I recognize brilliance
But never create it.
Something has happened and now I’m sedated,
Like I’m drowning in water that’s only luke warm.
I don’t know my skin 
From the sea,
Or calm 
From the storm.
I’m lost in the grey. 
I long for definition.
I’m an artist who envies the mathematician.


Gentle wind, light and consoling
An old friend whispering
Her words unrolling
Like clouds just after a summer rain.
Subtly lightening the deep blue stain
On your ink-soiled heart.
She hugs you from every side
And keeps your skin from
Falling apart.
Softly she tells you:
All will be well.
Just breathe.

Layman’s Terms

I worry for my sanity
I worry for my heart
I worry what you’ll do to me
I worry that we’ll part
I worry you’re not good for me
I worry that it shows
I worry I’m not good for you
I worry that you know
I worry that you’ll crave perfection
I worry you’ll outgrow
I worry, worry, worry
But I’ll never, never go