Southern Belle

5 reasons France has made me more of a Tennessean than I’ve ever been:

1.) I started watching “Nashville”.
2.) ^ This has caused a serious increase in the severity of my southern accent. (When I’m not speaking French, of course. I hope.)
3.) I kept up with the UT-Florida game online while it was going on and was genuinely sad when we lost.
4.) I’ve sung every verse of a banjo-accompanied Rocky Top (compliments of Sally Buice).
5.) Today in my translation class for Anglophones, when searching for an idiomatic equivalent of a French phrase about doing two things at once, I said, “Well back in Tennessee, we’d say he’s tryin’ to ride two horses with one ass!”

…I didn’t mean to come to France and propagate the southern stereotype. But…

Life is like a box of chocolates, am I right?

Rocky Top


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