If I were the sun, I would warm you.

Caress your handsome features 
With the ends of my molten fingers.
Reach, stretch toward the earth
To lick the tip of your nose
And bathe your soul in sunshine
And wish the warmth might heat your heart.
I’d make arrangements with the clouds
Who’d protect you from my blaze
And I’d miss you on those days,
But you would be the reason I rose.
If I were the wind,
I would comb your hair with cool breeze.
Lull you to sleep when you please
On our wind chime.
I would whistle and sing through the trees,
I would blow away your sorrows
And ease into tomorrow
Each morning, waking you again
With a light airy touch
As I whisper,
“Good morning, my love.”
If I were the moon,
I would pull and push the tides
In whatever direction you wished to float.
In the depths of the most velvety black night,
I would illuminate your path
With a silvery glow.
And every night I would boast to the stars.
That you are mine.

But I’m only me
And all I can do
Is love you.


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