Bread and Butter

My soul, my soul
is like a
Yeast roll,
‘Cause it’s fluffy.
And light
And tasty and warm.
And it melts in your
It’s been rising and baking,
Misstepping and mistaking
Always looking for you.
It can transform
When you squeeze it.
So squeeze me.
Take me and
Shape me to your own.
I can fit in your fist.
I would make it my home.
You can
Kneed me
And need me.
Squish me..
And swallow me
You can swallow my soul.
And your soul’s like butter.
‘Cause it’s slippery
It’s savory.
It coats my mouth,
Makes me fat and happy
It’s been churning and turning,
Your soul has been learning
Maybe looking for mine

And now, here we are.
Loving each other.
Bread and Butter.


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